emotional intelligence

How to develop emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence often determines the quality and nature of our relationships, how we handle stress in everyday life, how well we communicate with others, and how effective we are at our jobs. Suffice to say it is worth developing! Below are four simple and accessible ways of building up our emotional intelligence.

How I got to EY

During my bachelor’s degree, I studied a semester in France where I heard about the “trois Parisiennes”. Being curious I started reading more and discovered the Master in Management at ESCP Europe. It attracted me not only for the reputation of the School as the world’s oldest business school and as one of the most

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My Internship at Amazon

I hail from Genoa, Italy and I’m a part of a Dual Degree program between ESCP Europe (Masters in Management) and Politecnico di Torino (Masters of Science, Management and Engineering). I have interned at both Amazon in London and Accenture in Torino.  I interned at Amazon in London as a Business Intelligence Analyst for six

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