How I got to EY

Giulia Piantoni
EY People’s Performance Advisory

During my bachelor’s degree, I studied a semester in France where I heard about the “trois Parisiennes”. Being curious I started reading more and discovered the Master in Management at ESCP Europe. It attracted me not only for the reputation of the School as the world’s oldest business school and as one of the most selective French Grandes écoles, but especially for the study paths it offers! 

I chose ESCP Europe because it gave me the opportunity to move around the world. My study track was Turin (premaster) – Berlin – Hong Kong – Paris (master). I also was able to do summer internships where I worked in Italy (Turin), France (Clermont-Ferrand) and Switzerland (Lugano). 

Learning to be adaptable 

With the MiM, students get to know different cities and different languages, experiencing each city they live and study different cultures. I decided to make the most of it by trying out four different countries.

Moving to a new city each six months is not easy. I faced moments when I felt really alone – always in a new place, with new people and with all my stuff to unpack once again. The fear of being unable to build strong relationships due to the limited time in the same place, the worry of not  finding a place to live or also, the fear that I would lose touch with friends left at home, sometimes troubled me. 

However, at the end of my studies, I can confirm that ESCP Europe changed my life – for the best, teaching me to adapt and to be flexible for any occasion.

Studying abroad and leaving my comfort zone made me a better person.

At the end of the MiM, I found myself changed, both as a woman and as a professional. Thanks to the studies as well as the experiences the School offers, I have acquired organizational and management skills which make me able to provide relevant input to enable key decision makers. Moreover, the activities in diverse environments have helped me to develop a dynamic and mature personality, eager to work in international environments and capable of dealing with complex and stressful situations. 

My career path changed directions

Before starting ESCP Europe, I didn’t know what I wanted in my career, as concerns my future job as well as the place where I would like to start my career. The ESCP Europe career services team helped me to identify possible directions, one of which I decided to pursue to get me started.

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by the automotive sector. During my MiM, I had the opportunity to spend all three of my summer internships in automotive companies, in different departments, to better understand where I would like to pursue my career. I worked at Fiat/Chrysler in Turin, at Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand and at Tesla in Lugano, within respectively the departments of Planning & Marketing, Internal Audit and Sales. All of these experiences helped me gain more awareness of myself, my capabilities and furthermore my interests, finally clarifying the path to take for my career. 

I discovered that I wanted to help people, and therefore companies, perform better.

My interest in employees (as people), their performance and the organisational design of companies, was inspired by the experience I had at Michelin. At the end of my internship there, I was amazed when I realised the positive effects that the business model of Michelin defined on my level of happiness, productivity and performance as an employee. My managers and colleagues gave me so much confidence, by giving me autonomy and responsibility, that I immediately felt like an integral part of the company itself. 

Considering the fact that I was assigned to a project of great importance within the group, the sense of empowerment allowed me work even better than I expected, reinforcing my understanding of the impact that the working environment has on individual performance. Mostly, it gave me the strong desire to share my positive experience with people in other companies, and therefore (hopefully!) influence their behaviour.  

After some investigation, I found that the best place to do this is within a consulting firm.

In December 2018,  the month I graduated, I started working at EY within the People’s Performance Advisory (PAS). The PAS Team focuses on advisory projects regarding employees’ performance, organisational design and change management. Just what I was looking for.

My top tip for future MiM students

The biggest advice I would like to share as someone shared to me when I started my path is to try to take part in all the opportunities ESCP Europe offers to its students – from the activities within the School such as team projects, exchange programmes or the Double degrees, to the activities outside the School offered by the student societies and sports teams! ESCP Europe is a community that helps you in any occasion and for anything: don’t worry – you are not alone. Just JUMP ON IN!

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