The MiM Ambassador starter pack

I remember how confusing and overwhelming the whole college application process was for me.

The fact that I was applying to a couple of top colleges simultaneously, and keeping track of all the deadlines etc, did not help to ease the immense pressure I put myself under, to submit quality essays and build an honest, unique profile.

All the organisational charts and the excel sheets could only help me keep track of my progress, but I remember wanting a little more guidance – perhaps seeking advice from someone who has already gone through this entire process. There were a lot of whatsapp groups that were partly helpful, but I had a lot of questions on various topics, and many were left unanswered.

When I finally got accepted into ESCP Europe, it dawned on me that the application process was just the beginning of a long, exhausting to-do list. Fulfilling all the ESCP Europe requirements, gearing up for the online courses, searching for an apartment, were all to be done in a short span of time – not to mention the fact that I had to do all this, sitting at home, in an entirely different country!

Fast forward to my first semester in Paris, I got the email stating that ESCP is looking for MiM ambassadors, and when I read the description and the duties associated with the position, I was truly intrigued and drawn to it. I really wanted to help prospective applicants in any way possible, and applied immediately.

Being an ambassador, I try my best to answer all the questions that applicants may have, through various platforms, and I find it really fulfilling that I am guiding/ helping them, even if it as small or easy as informing them about the application deadlines.

A big part of this role is to let people know your experiences, share your opinions on the college, courses etc. and describe your life and the opportunities available in the different countries. Being an Indian, I try to be honest and open about my experiences, both during my first semester in Paris and my second in Berlin, and give prospective students an Indian’s perspective on internship/ job opportunities, interacting with students from other nationalities etc.

Being a part of this small group has, in its own way, given me a sense of belonging to the ESCP Europe community, by doing something I truly love and enjoy.

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